Piezoelectric Products

Piezoelectric Sensors and Charge Amplifiers

Piezoelectric measurement technology from the sensor expert

PACEline – that’s the name of HBM’s line of force sensors, strain sensors and charge amplifiers based on piezoelectric technology.

Piezoelectric Strain Transducers

PACEline –CST300

Piezoelectric strain transducer for measuring forces. Highly sensitive, easy and safe screw mounting.

Piezoelectric Force Transducers

PACEline – CFW

PACEline – CFW

Load washers of the PACEline CFW series are ideally suited for production and for experimental measurements with high requirements on dynamics.

PACEline – CLP

PACEline – CLP

PACEline CLP piezoelectric force washers fit virtually anywhere due to their minimal height of typically 4 millimeters.


Suited for temperatures up to 300 °C. Fixed high-temperature cable.

Charge Amplifiers for Piezo Sensors


The PACEline CMD digital charge amplifier for piezoelectric sensors offers a wide measurement range at an attractive price.


The CMA charge amplifier guarantees safe data acquisition from all piezoelectric sensors in numerous laboratory and production applications.