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Microbalances – laboratory balances of very high readability (1-10 µg) and market's best repeatability (sd of 0.15-0.41 μg). The maximum capacity of these measuring instruments is 0.8-53 g, with the USP minimum weight of 0.082-4.4 mg. Their advantage is uncomplicated and intuitive operation.

What are microbalances intended for?
Microbalances are used for weighing very small masses.

Which microbalance to choose? RADWAG microbalances - models
RADWAG product range of microbalances is very wide and includes series designed for:

  • Small mass weighing
        ○ MYA 4Y PLUS - automatic levelling, automatically open chamber,
        ○ MYA 4Y – LevelSENSING levelling system, automatically open chamber,
        ○ XA 4Y.M.A PLUS – large chamber, automatic levelling, integrated antistatic ionizer, automatically open chamber,
        ○ XA 4Y.M PLUS – large chamber, LevelSENSING levelling system, manually open chamber

  • Pipette calibration – with automatically open chamber
        ○ MYA 4Y.P PLUS – automatic levelling
        ○ MYA 4Y.P – LevelSENSING system,
        ○ XA 4Y.M.A.P PLUS – large chamber, automatic levelling, integrated antistatic ionizer;

  • Filter weighing – with automatically open chamber
        ○ MYA 4Y.F PLUS – automatic levelling,
        ○ MYA 4Y.F – LevelSENSING system.

Remote balance operation, settings customization, 5.7'' touch panel, ambient conditions monitoring and 21 CFR part 11 compliance module are the most important features of RADWAG microbalances.

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