Analytical Balances


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Analytical Balances

Analytical balances – laboratory balances with a readability ranging between 0.01 mg and 0.1 mg (0.00001 g - 0.0001 g). RADWAG analytical balances provide the best weighing parameters, intuitive operation and a number of unique functions resulting from the SmartLAB philosophy - excellent repeatability and minimum weight parameters, internal adjustment, enlarged weighing chamber, mobile operation, the fastest stabilization time, easy cleaning and anti-static weighing chamber.

What are analytical balances intended for?
Analytical balances are used to measure small sample mass, which is why they are widely used in laboratories of chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Which analytical balance to choose? RADWAG analytical balances - models
RADWAG analytical balances are divided into three advancement levels:

  • Professional balances – intended for the most challenging applications
        ○ 4Y.A PLUS – features: compliance with 21 CFR part 11, automatic levelling, antistatic ionizer integrated with the weighing chamber, automatically open door
        ○ 4Y PLUS – – LevelSENSING system, manually open door
        ○ 4Y.F – LevelSENSING system, filter weighing
  • Advanced balances – intended for most processes
        ○ X2 PLUS – LevelSENSING system
  • Standard balances – for the most common applications
        ○ R2 PLUS.

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