Precision Balances


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Precision Balances

Laboratory precision balances – measuring devices with the readability of 0.001-2 g and the maximum capacity of 0.2-120 kg.

What are precision balances intended for?
Precision balances stand out due to their wide range of load capacities. Thanks to this, they are applied not only in laboratory but also in light industry. Readability and reliability of measurements, and a long-term operation are the most important features of RADWAG precision balances.

Which precision balance to choose? RADWAG precision balances – models:

  • WLY and PM4Y professional balances with the maximum capacity of 1-120 kg and a range of standard and advanced functions, such as dosing, formulations, statistics/SQC, labelling. The readability for the 10 kg max capacity model is 0.1 g (WLY) and 0.01 g (PM4Y);
  • WLCX2 and PSX2 – balances with the maximum capacity of 0.2-21 kg and many standard and advanced functions such as dosing, formulations, statistics, density determination, cooperation with titrators. The readability for the 10 kg max capacity model is 0.1 g (WLCX2) and 0.01 g (PSX2);
  • PMC32 – a balance with a maximum capacity of 10-60 kg, with labelling and statistics functions and other frequently used features. The readability for the 10 kg model is 0.01 g;
  • PSR2 and PSR1– balances with density determination and other frequently used functions. The readability for the 10 kg models is 0.01 g;
  • WLCC / 2, WLC and WTC: – balances with some features of more advanced models, such as ALIBI memory (WTC), parts counting, percent weighing, totalizing (WLC), under-pan weighing (WLC), peak hold and +/- control. The readability for the 3/6/10 kg max capacity models is 0.1 g.

The range of precision balances is very wide. Don't want to waste time analysing all the models? Contact us now and we will help you choose a balance that will suit you best. We will be happy to advise you.
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