Displacement Measurements


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Displacement Measurements 
For Reliable Displacement Measurements

HBM offers various displacement transducers, sensors, and probes in a variety of designs and lengths, all of them with one thing in common — the inductive measurement principle, which is especially low-wear and reliable!

Displacement Transducers, Displacement Sensors, and Displacement Probes from HBM

Displacement transducers and sensors from HBM ensure reliable measurement results in many areas of research and development and production. All of our displacement transducers work according to the inductive measurement principle. They are easy to use and rugged, can achieve high precision, and feature minimum wear.

Find the right displacement sensor for you here: The right solution for numerous applications—from high-precision measurements in the micrometer range to simple monitoring tasks in manufacturing.


WI displacement sensors are extremely economical and highly compact, ensuring reliable results for displacement measurements in many applications.


A rugged family of inductive displacement transducers combines very good linearity with excellent thermal behaviour in the shortest possible length.


Displacement transducers of the WA-L with loose plunger series feature impressively reliable and extremely precise measurement results.


The W1ELA/0 displacement transducer in plunger version enables precise measurement of short displacements directly during the process.


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