C670M Falling Dart Impact Tester


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C670M Falling Dart Impact Tester

C670M Falling Dart Impact Tester is suitable for measuring the impact mass and energy of plastic film or sheet when 50% of the sample is damaged under the impact of free falling dart at a given height.

Product Features Notes1

  • Menu interface, color touch screen operation, convenient and fast to set test parameters.
  • Two test modes A and B are provided, and the test status is automatically judged.
  • The falling dart adopts the principle of electromagnetic hanging, which can release automatically, effectively avoiding the system error caused by human factors.
  • Pneumatic sample clamping, manual and pedal dual start mode, built-in observation lamp unique design; convenient, fast and accurate operation.
  • Professional computer software supports the functions of multi unit display of test results, graphic display of test process, output and print function, showing the results clearly and intuitively.
  • Micro printer and standard RS232 interface make the tester convenient for the external connection and data transmission between the system and the computer.

Testing Principle

At the beginning of the test, select the test method as the first procedure, estimate an initial mass and △m value, and conduct the test. If the first sample is damaged, the weight △m shall be used to reduce the falling mass; if the first sample is not broken, the weight △m shall be used to increase the falling mass for test in turn. In short, the use of weights to reduce or increase the falling mass depends on whether the previous sample is damaged. After 20 samples are tested, the total number of damaged samples is calculated. If n is equal to 10, the test is completed; if n is less than 10, continue the test after supplementing samples until n is equal to 10; if n is greater than 10, continue testing after supplementing samples until the total number of undamaged samples is equal to 10. Finally, the system automatically calculates the impact results.

Reference Standard Note 1

ISO 7765-1-1988, ASTM D1709, GB/T 9639.1-2008, JIS K7124-1

C670M Falling Dart Impact Tester  

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