C406H Oxygen/Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System


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C406H Oxygen/Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System

C406H Oxygen /Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System is based on the testing principle of Coulometric oxygen sensor and infrared water vapor sensor. 

Product Features
  • OTR/WVTR tested in One Instrument
  • OTR \ WVTR mode, OTR mode and WVTR mode are available for selection.
  • OTR and WVTR tests can be automatically completed for each sample mounting.
  • Genuinely reflect the OTR \ WVTR performance of the same sample, avoiding effect on test data due to sample contamination arising from instrument switching.

Testing Principle

        The pre-treated sample is clamped between the test chambers, oxygen or nitrogen with stable relative humidity flows on one side of the film, and the high purity nitrogen flows on the other side; oxygen or water molecules diffuse through the film into high-purity nitrogen on the other side, and are carried to the sensor by the flowing nitrogen. By analyzing the oxygen or water vapor concentration measured by the sensor, the oxygen or water vapor transmission rate can be calculated.

Reference Standards

ASTM D3985, ASTM F1307, GB/T 19789, GB/T 31354, DIN 53380-3, JIS K7126-2-B, YBB 00082003-2015

ASTM F1249, ISO 15106-2, GB/T 26253, JIS K7129, YBB00092003-2015

C406H Oxygen/Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test  

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